If you would like to contribute to the current project, the African Artist sponsorship,  either by donation, or by purchasing artwork inspired by this project when I come back to Berkeley, Please post me a message on this blog! I have  a Paypal account set up if you would like to donate or sponsor part of the project.

If you donate ten dollars to an artist, you will be able to follow along and see which artist you money is supporting. If you leave me a message with your address, you will get a personal thank you letter sent to you from the artist. (Don’t worry, your privacy will be protected.)

Giant Thank you to:

Woodgas stove for the sponsorship for the MOST AMAZING CAMP STOVE IN THE WORLD!!! It runs on twigs and can literally cook a large pot of lentels with approx. 10 pinecones. I love it.

Brunton for the partial sponsorship for the CAMPING SOLAR PANEL! Time to get off the grid baby! What a wonderful tool for the project. I can run my computer, and my whole recording project from the middle of nowhere now!

Super huge thank you to everybody who has supported me in getting this project going! It has been a long process, and there are so many members of my community that I am grateful for, such as…

Liza Michaelson——World class supportive mom who I could never have gotten this project together without

Brett (Lino) Poirier—–Bike guru and travel map extrodinare!

Jane Kitchell———-Artistic support and financial help with my super cool solar panel!

Barney Haise———Computer programming wizard who helped me learn how to make the MAX Msp software that my recording booth needs to run

Ryan Orban———-Brilliant tech-wizard also who helped me keep my chin up when arduinos and make boards looked like strange alian landscapes and computer code looked like gibberish

Anne Sheridan——-The free labor of making my beautiful cards, and sweet support.

Lothlorian co-op—–making dreams real and reality into dreams

The CCA Community art and ceramics programs——–Artistic support, critiques, and community


One response to “Support

  1. karen,susan,kajal,gabe

    hey maria! we were happy to hear u made it safely to your destination! wow, traveling is never how u imagine. it always leads to new adventures. sounds like u know what u r doing. at your age i traveled all over the world too.
    we think of u often and continue to love and support u
    stay safe

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