Some photos of finished pieces

I am leaving Africa tomorrow, and am running round like a chicken with its head cut off. I finished 3 large pieces of sculpture, all of which are being sent to the US on a boat from Ghana. The patron of the foundry, Isa, left yesterday with everything on the bus, to the port in Ghana. ImageThere is 250 kilos of bronze all together, and I am really excited about it all, though it has been a bit stressful to work on such a large scale. I am saying goodbye and mentally preparing to be cold and surrounded by expensive food again, though there are things I look forward to as well. I am very american at the end of the day, and I become impatient quickly here. (Quickly being a relative word when everything happens 2 hours to 2 days later then it is was supposed to). I have been dancing most nights to make up for the stressful attempts to organize unflappably patient and unhurried people into getting things done on my timeline. I think it will all work…. and I am excited about the work I have done.




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2 responses to “Some photos of finished pieces

  1. baba

    Hurray for Maria, You pieces are wonderful! I so admire your energy and creativity. Have a lovely time in Paris. Hope to see you when you get home again! Aloha, Baba

  2. Debbie Kaye

    WOW!! Maria — those are stunning! Brava. Good travels, Dear.
    — Aunt Debbie

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