4 Days in Paris. A choose your own adventure story

I have spent 4 days in Paris, It has been inspiring, amazing and I don’t feel finished yet. I walk and walk and walk. I had a very constructive conversation with a slightly crazy energy worker about my project, who suggested I repaint the sculpture, as it is a little scary. I took the idea seriously, and bought some paint and some gold leaf. ImageImageI added some bright colors to the face, and feel like it is more inviting now. I set it up in 3 different places, in a Park, on the bank of the lovely river, and downtown. All three times left me with very wonderful conversations and a few good recordings as well. While in Africa, I plan to build a new way to carry it as well, as the wheely cart adds weight and takes to long to set up, I want to make it fold up into its own carrying case somehow, a project that I will work on where leather and leatherworkers are both really cheap. If I can, I will stay in Paris when I come home from Africa, for the month of October, because this whole month seems to be a continuous dress rehersal, and I cant wait till it is all running smoothly!


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  1. baba

    I like the new colors on the faces..sweet with the gold. Glad you have mores time in Paris! Do you have to hurry home in the fall? Thanks for the new pictures, Aloha, Baba

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