Making sculptures and getting my project ready to use in paris

I have been living at a French artists pottery studio in the woods, building a kiln and making sculptures. There was no internet there, so I haven’t been updating all of the story collecting events. I had the opportunity to set my sculpture up on the beach in Marseille, and stayed there for one night.  I also set it up at Alain’s, (my host), grandchild’s birthday party.  They were both well received, and I recorded quite a few stories.  In the meantime, I made two ceramic sculptures, and Alain built a gas kiln. I got to watch the process, which was very useful, and I cant wait to make a kiln when I get home now. The first firing that was in the kiln were my sculptures, which are the 3rd  and 4th  of a series that I started at home. I am making all of the major Archana of the tarot card deck., and leaving them behind me when I travel. There are something like 27 cards, all rich with old symbolism. I am making them as self-portraits, in a way, though they don’t all resemble me so much so far. Before leaving, I made 0- The Fool, and 2-The High Priestess. I wanted to sculpt myself in these two forms before taking off on a new adventure, freshly without a job.   The Two cards that I just made are 17- Star, and 18- The Moon. The Star is a card about hope and coming out of darkness. It is a card I pulled for a friend, Shann Weston, who has Lukimia and is working hard to keep her body strong. It is also a card for Alain, the man who is hosting me, because he just lost a wife. This card and this sculpture are about pointing your head toward the light and aiming for it. The Moon is a wolf, it is a card about intuition but also about being lost in dreams.  It is about the magic of the night time.ImageThis sculpture I started making when my mom wrote me that another close friend, Jane Kitchell, was dying after a long and peaceful walk with Hepititus. Jane is the first person who I ever met with a real art studio, and if it wasn’t for hours of making sculptures and paintings with her, I would be living a different life.Image   I am on the train to Paris now, and will be focusing on the story collecting until I leave for Africa, in 5 days! The project seemed to work better there generally, maybe because people are adept at English enough to understand the gaps in my broken French, maybe it is the culture.  It seems that for such a small country there are as many or more regional foods, accents and mentalities as we have in the US, which I find charming. Make sure you buy wine for your hosts from your region, someone told me, which made me laugh, because all of France would be one region in the US. But don’t buy wine from 2 hours that way or it is no longer local! (The idea is that people save the best wine for their own people. I don’t know or care about wine, but I am learning how to make the many lovely people who are hosting me happy.   The time has flown by, and I have been improving my language skills slowly. My bags are packed with random little stuff for my friends at the foundry in africa, and I am really looking forward to both the next few days in Paris, and the coming adventure at the bronze foundry.       My Project: My project comes from somewhere deep within me. It is about that feeling I get when I look into an apartment building at night and see all the little windows lit up, each containing a universe. Believing and seeing and being awestruck by the diversity of humanity, is what pulls me all over the world, and what drove me to pick up a microphone and start this project 8 years ago. I wanted people to see what I saw, when I sat on the bus. The universe of adjectives and nouns, the goals and relationships, the lonliness, serenity, love, in every seat. There is so much diversity of human life.   I don’t always remember this feeling. I get caught up things I think are important and in the lives I engage with, and with cell phones in every ones hand on the bus it is harder to feel the humanity in strangers. But when I am in new places everything glitters. How do I do this project in a way that illuminates that? More people? Ask a specific question?  I am thinking of changing what I ask of people- Tell me something about you that I would know by just looking at you. That is the essence of what I am trying to get at.  Anyway, I am going to spend the next few days experimenting


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One response to “Making sculptures and getting my project ready to use in paris

  1. baba

    Did you mean “I would know by looking at you” or “I would know without looking at you”? About me,,I am getting old? Without looking at me,..I love to sing!
    Have some more great adventures. I am smitten with your figures on the grass. They seem life size and so alive! Hope someday I can see more of your work. Love, Baba

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