Learning as I go- (French people are reserved!)

Hello world. It has been a while since I uploaded stories with the sculpture. Last week I set it up in Marseille, and had a really confusing time explaining how to interact with the sculpture. My french is broken, and there was some confusion. In the end I scrapped all of the recordings, because it got so jumbled that I didn’t find much Imageworth to it. After that I spent some time writing up a description of the project in French, that explained how to interact with the sculpture. Yesterday, I set it up again and had a much more easy time explaining the project, but If I talked to 6 people, 4 would be interested, but only 1 will record something. Maybe 3 will want to listen to other people. I don’t really like making umbrella statements about the way different cultures are, they always seem to miss some of the meat of reality, but it is very different then other places I have done a version of this project. In Paris, people were more open and thought the Idea was “tres poetic” but Marseille it was just confusing. I set it up in another town last night, Cassis, and had some success. I feel like the unrecorded interactions that I have because of the project help in my objective as much as the recorded ones. My goal, in a way, is to disrupt normal life with art. Whether I record people or not, I am doing that, to some degree.  Cassis is a seaside town, and I recorded people in a casual square in the center of town. It was great.

I have been living at the house of a man who is a potter, working on a sculpture. I am including some photos of the sculpture. It is nice to get my hands dirty, and I look forward to firing it. There is a lot of ceramic art here, and it is really inspiring.




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2 responses to “Learning as I go- (French people are reserved!)

  1. baba

    Maria ,I love your courage to keep trying your French and accepting all sorts of reactions to your project. Much admiration. Baba

  2. Debbie Kaye

    Keep at it, Maria! As you noted, there is good stuff happening , even if it is not what you especially want or anticipated. I admire your efforts, Cherie.
    -Aunt Debbie

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