Paris, Day 2, at a Parc near Pompidue

Paris July 8– Please listen to the recordings for the day.

What a lovely day of recording. My friend Julia started out the project, and it continued with a more thoughtful series of responses then the last time. I am learning about different situations, and the types of responses I end up recording. I love the diversity, and some days the entire theme is sill, and others it is quite sincere. Everyone I recorded was interested and enjoyed participating. I am grateful to all the thoughtful people…. Tomorrow is our last day in Paris, so the next time I do a story recording will be in Nice, on the southern coast!

DSC00961 DSC00964 DSC00968


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One response to “Paris, Day 2, at a Parc near Pompidue

  1. baba

    How do we hear the responses? Such a great project. I will love hearing the responses ansd always enjoy your blogs. Love, Baba

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