Story collecting sculpture: The French Adventure

I have been here for 3 days, and decided to get in the swing of things a bit before setting up my story collector sculpture. I have been soaking up art museums and wandering around in the street, practicing my french and learning little things about what to do and what not to do. The Rodin Museum broke my heart with its beauty, and all the incredible things in the Louvre and Orsey are insane to see in person.

Last week- (That recently? I feel like I have been here so long)  I set up the story collector up in San Francisco, and had some microphone problems, so I did a complete, timed, dress rehersal in my room before bringing it out to the public this time. The sculpture is collapsable, and fits into a wheely bag. When I take it out of the bag, I need to set up the audio recording equipment and then the legs velcro on to the torso, the arm onto the right side, and the heads velcro on top. For some silly reason, I keep forgetting to take good picture of it, but it works well because I can covertly wheel it anywhere I want and then set it up in 10 minutes. I brought it to a park that some was shown to me by some good family friends that are also in Paris.

The park on a Saturday Afternoon

The park on a Saturday Afternoon

It took place in the 3rd arrondismont, in the square du temple, which is full of teenagers, families, old people and general relaxation, as well as ping pong. I set it up- and then just sat there for a few minutes,unsure of the next step. People mostly approached me with my bike cart, but this sculpture is easier not to notice, because though life sized, it hangs against the wall. I would need to go asking people, I realized. French people are fancy and pretty intimidating. Then, miraculously, A guy walked by with paint on his pants- my chance! I approached him, “biensur” he said cheerfully and was more then happy  to get things started. After that, I got more confidence, and recorded more people. Then the Police came. Whoops, I was disturbing some sort of peace, it turns out. But the first guy who recorded talked with the police, and he came back and said OK- 1 hour or so. Perfect. Here are the recordings for any of you who understand french:


PARIS, 7/7/13

Julia, a travel companion has agreed to help translate. I am not there yet with language skills to be accurate.


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  1. Prue Kaye

    So sorry that I could not open your Paris entry.. Got any suggestions? Any way ,I’ll keep trying. Remember Max’s sister Cierra? She went to Europe this spring and decided not to come back for her college freshman year. She will work as a Nanny /au pere in Germany. Kind of exciting break out I think. Hope your trip is all you were wanting. Have a thrilling time in the museums! Love, baba

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