Back to Ouaga

I got back to Ouaga on wWdnesday, and after the little change of scenery it felt good to be back in my town. Everyone waved at me with good cheer, happy that I was back. The Togalese people at my house greeted me and the storm of little kids barged into my room. I bought them a little Xylophone for them while in Bobo and learned quickly that was not a good idea. Bang bang bang, and the ladies next door, watching the soap opera about the Turkish guy who has lots of wives in burkas (which is on all the time everywhere) started yelling at the kids to quiet down. I suddenly looked at my room from the eyes of the kids. Bronze people, crayons, calabashes and paper covered my floor. I have toys and art supplies all over. They love my room, and are investigating at all times. There are so many things in it, and they are fun, creative things. I think I know why everyone is always trying to get in my room. Today is international woman’s day, which is a very celebrated festival around here. Women are all dressed up in the special fabric print made for the day, little red diamonds and a big plaque saying international jour por le famme, 2012. There is apparently going to be a parade for us women this evening, which is fun, but I honestly feel quite mixed about this day, seeing the lack of woman’s rights every other day, and considering that most women are circumcised, it seems hypocritical. I am back to work, rounding up orders and hopefully will make one last big piece as well. I mean big. I was working really small in Bobo, and I want to go out with something that is 40 pounds. We’ll see if 10 days is enough for that. It just might be, if I stay busy.


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  1. ahbi

    I appreciate your blog, getting to ‘travel’ with you, watch and learn with you as your artist eyes, your world citizen eyes and your woman eyes change and grow. Love you international woman!

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