Switching cities…

After reading my own blog out loud to myself, I realized I needed to get the heck out of dodge for a bit. Ouagadougo has gone from a little artist retreat to an endurance test over the last 3 weeks, and that is not really what I signed up for. I bought a train ticket this morning to the pretty city of Bobo-Djellasso, where I will make a final 10 pieces or so during my last 3 weeks here. I know a forge there, and in will be nice to change scenes. Yanick is finally going to the doctor today and knowing he is in the hands of somebody professional is liberating me to take care of myself, which means getting out town for a bit. The thing with the guy beating his wife up was just to much for me.

I am sitting in a little European cafe that is run by an Austrian woman who lives here. My mom met her on her route home, and I came to introduce myself. Its a pretty area of the city, and its nice to do something a bit different. Now its time to go pack my bags, the train leaves at 6AM tomorrow morning.



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2 responses to “Switching cities…

  1. Prue Kaye

    Yoou go girl! Like the way you handle the pressure. Be safe….Baba

  2. Debbie Kaye

    I am so glad you are taking care of yourself, Maria. Thank you. Good travels, and I hope the forge experience will be very successful

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