I got back to work finally yesterday. The people at my forge here require someone to constantly be telling them to do stuff, so as a result of my vacation, the solderer stopped, the orders that I put in stopped, and progress was frozen in time. I don’t really mind, though, and got back to work making things in wax. There was a french man who owns a giant bronze art export business who ordered a lot of stuff from all the forges in the last week, so because of high demand wax spontaneously doubled in price, causing everyone to not do anything. I have a stockpile of wax, fortunately, and got around this little situation.

I am really excited about the idea of working with other artists for my last 3 weeks in Ouaga, and will be giving a couple pieces to artist friends to work on with me. I will make the bronze and they will add what they want. We are going to do a little chain, each person starting a new piece, and handing it off to the next person and the next. I am excited about the results. I am also getting a bunch of masks made, and some little ebony doors to attach to a sculpture. The doors are made by a Tuareg neighbor of mine, who does really fine detailed carving work.

I’m getting used to being in my room alone again. Well, alone isn’t quite the right word, there are toddlers lying on my floor, crawling in and out all day.

The days are heating up. The “midday heat” comes earlier each day, and gets hotter. The who time my mom was visiting, it was warm but dry and breezy. If we hid out from 1-3 each day, we were in good shape. Its starting to change. By April it is 120 degrees at mid-day. Even now, bucket baths are getting more frequent, and mid-day cold beers a necessity.



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  1. Prue Kaye

    I love you enthusiasm for your work and for your life.! You have a great spirit.
    Looking forward to see you this summer. Baba

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