My other life starts again…Slowely

This time we went to the airport, many hours in advance. My neighbors hurried us out the door 3 hours in advance of the flight. Watching us pack out bags, they clucked at our lost time. My friend Aziz came to my house with the taxi a miraculous 30 minutes late again. No matter what, no matter how emphasized exact times are, people are almost always at least a half hour late here. I dont understad how it works, but somehow, as log as planes arent involved, it does. But she made the flight, and I watched her dissapear in the crowd of people who were all waiting to go to Paris.
The morning after my mom left, I was sapped and didnt start working. I have been running little errands and visiting people for 2 days now, waiting for inspiration to strike. I think it hasn’t because I am pretty worried about my friend Yanic, who has been sick for 12 days streight. That is not a small deal around here. I also need to digest the journey me and my mom took more, think through things, prepare to start up again.
My plans are to build a forge myself, and learn how to run it alone. This way, when I come home, I can continue working with bronze. After that, I will spend a couple of weeks doing sculpture in Bobo Djellasso, where I left in a paranoid tizzy after catching a kid trying to steal from me last April. I want to repair my image of the town, and to catch up with friends there. Then I will head up to Mopti for a week or so, to hang out in the pottery town, and see if we can get the Raku glaze to work in a wood fire, before coming back to Ouaga and flying out on March 17. I am realizing that I am more then halfway done with my time in Africa, having come here in late November. Time slips by, but then again, home, cold and fresh, seems like a lifetime away.


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