Playing around Ouaga.

So far my mom and I have been winding around Dapoya, visiting my friends, (who all call her Mama,) and taking the taxi to parts of Ouaga that I haven’t been to. The day my mom arrived, our first order of business was to get her a Meningitis vaccine, because some doctor told her she couldn’t spend a day in West Africa without one.  I checked when I was due for the same thing yesterday, and discovered mine was also overdue, so we took the taxi back to the clinic, where a surprisingly gentle nurse pricked me in the shoulder. Most nurses here are terrifying and brutal with their sterilized weapons, slamming injections into whatever body part is closest to them, but my nurse was cheery and did her job kindly.  At 20.00, the vaccine is way to expensive for most people, though this is also apparently the most meningitis infected area on earth. Please Bill Gates- next thing to put on your to do list- Meningitis shots for all!
My friends are all really respectful to my mom, and she came with a marvelous bag of treats, gifts and goodies. We brought a bag of coffee to the boys at my work this morning and they were excited to prepare it in their way (fifty percent coffee, fifty percent sugar). The other bag of coffee I brought dissapeared in just a few days, as people made it  5 times a day in their enthusiasm. We will see how long this one lasts.  We passed the day doing things I have never done here, going to the museum being the first. The museum was completely empty except for us, and the exhibits were fun and dynamic. My mom, speaking a pretty sparse amount french, got quite theatrical about the parts of history that she didn’t and did approve of (example of first category- slavery,  men piercing their wives mouths shut, example of the second category- recycled plastic things and locally produced food.) Without language, my mom becomes a walking charades game, which continued out of the museum, where she can convince the most stern to smile for her camera.
After throwing a million plans around, we finally decided to head south for the day tomorrow to go to a national park, and then to return to Ouaga, tomorrow night. From there, we need to get my moms Mali visa and then will be aiming for the border. If all goes to plan we will be in Mali the night after Tomorrow. I wont be bringing this trusty little laptop, so when the traveling begins the blogging might get scarce. If this happens, we aren’t lost, we are just leaving the luxuries of the capitol city.


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  1. Debbie Kaye

    Have great travels, Dears, and thanks for letting us know about your being out of touch.

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