My second batch of babies are sanded and back from the solderer. When they come out of the molds, there are little holes in the bronze where it pours unevenly, and I take them to a man who solderers the holes shut. Then I take them back and sand them more. So if the cronoglogy of african lost wax is still unclear, it goes like this:

PT 1

1-Get clay and donkey poo and smash them together with a hammer

2-Vague sketch in clay.

3-Filter the wax by melting it and pouring it through a screen. (today I bought wax with a 3″ rock in it and got pretty pissed off.)

4-(The artsy part) Make the sculpture, on top of the clay mold. The wax is about 1/8th of an inch deep at the least.

5-cover the wax in more donkey poo clay

6- Wait a day, and then wrap the mold in wire and steel posts, for reinforcement.

7- Another layer of clay

8- Fire the molds, the wax melts out and there is left a ceramic negative.

PT 2

The fire- I think I pretty much explained how the fire works, earlier


1 Knock the mold off the bronze, using a hammer and  a big nail to crack the mold.

2 Sand, Sand, Sand, Sand, Sand

3 Give it to the sauderer who fills the holes

4 Sand some more

5 The patina- Brush al lsorts of creepy chemicals onto the piece while it sits on a charcol fire and fizzles.

Vuala! After all of that, ART!

I forgot my camera chord today, but I will put pictures up. All that is left is the patina on this batch. That is 10 more pieces finished. And at least 8 that are through phase 1. It feels good to be making  much, im on some sort of frenzy. We are going to have a fire again in two days. I have been learning about when to be generous and when not to be. If I am too nice everyone tries to guilt trip me into buying them beer. But I have learned to buy everyone coca-cola and meat for my fire. That way, even if it is a lot of work, people want me to have a fire, and work hard.

I took a long walk around the barrage today, thinking about the past year and what I have been doing and learning. Besides a much needed 4 months a home in the middle, I spent 2011 here. This new part- managing a bunch of workers is really something I haven’t done before, and is a hilarious challenge. Learning a musical instrument is also something that has been on my to-do list forever, and i’m loving it. My french is stumbling forward, though I speak with an African accent. Its sort of like learning English in Jamaica.

I am totally counting down the days until my mom comes. I love that lady!!!



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