Happy New Years!

New years day was fun. It was another day of being shuffled from party to party, dressed up families and too much food. In such a generally boisterous culture, house parties always strike me as a bit formal and quiet here, kids wait on everybody, you sit down and are served a plate of food, meat and salad are popular party foods, as they are more expensive then rice. People don’t talk as much at parties as they do at home, and sometimes everybody just watches TV. Parties are usually only thrown by people who have money and there are different connotations here for everything, so dressing up, eating salad, drinking coca-cola, and watching TV is a new years party. I got the job of family picture taker, and took formal, family sitting together, pictures.

There is a greeting here that is sort of like the french cheek kissing thing. You touch for heads with someone, the left side of your head, the right side of your head the left again and the right again. I think its really cool but I have heard complaints that on new years you end up with a sore neck, and now I know why. When you do that with everyone you greet for new years it gets tiring.

I am jazzed because my mom is coming in two weeks! I cant wait, and shifting up my routine will be fun. My second batch of pieces should be finished with the sanding in a couple days, and I am going to go on a frenzy until my mom comes, making as many pieces as possible, so that I can take a vacation from bronze when she does.


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