Was on a roll, but I finally got sick

I dont have any of the normal ones, Yellow fever, Malaria, ect. I think its just working too hard and it being really hot out, and the bronze forge gives some nasty fumes out. I went to a great concert, the night before last, and woke up dizzy and tired. I pretty much slept all day, while everyone I know came in, brought me food, chided me about what I should and shouldn’t eat in their opinion, and stood guard.

To generalize, nobody here likes to be alone, ever. Therefor, people come by to visit if you are sick at all hours of the day and night- Sweep my room, do my laundry, bang on the door to let them in so they can give me food. Its sweet, The whole neighborhood knew I was sick. I went to the doctor, and have really low blood pressure, so I cant do much without getting dizzy. There is a very common phraze here- “sa va allez” It will go. its sort of like the tattoo I have on my ankle- This to will change. Useful when sick to remember.



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3 responses to “Was on a roll, but I finally got sick

  1. Brett Poirier

    Hope you get well quick and can celebrate a bit as 2012 ushers its way in….Love from Point Reyes CA!

  2. ahbi

    sending love and healing your way…and let’s keep an eye on the blood pressure. loving you from afar!

  3. Debbie Kaye

    So sorry, Dear. Sending healing thoughts way, way to the east.

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