Next day update…

Just figured out this spiffy photo gallery on wordpress, thought I cant figure out how to do a caption for everything, s0: Pic 1 The painting I bough from my friend Vivian. Pic 2 My disasembled ngoni. Pic 3 I made sada wear my mask for the patine though he thought it was silly. ‘I just drink milk after and everything is fine!” he said, fingers in the acid. Pic4-6 A few of my finished pieces. The black thing on the womans head is a boabob seedpod.


Though I just published the post right before this, I actually wrote it last night in my room. Since then, we amazingly did do the patine, but only after I threw a giant fit today. I worked it from both angles, because I also promised a christmas party this evening  if we can get through the patine and also fire all the work. Then I bought a box of Coca-cola and left it there, saying we can drink  this this evening if everything is done. Finally people started working, and we got the patine done. Getting all worked up like that tired me out, and I snuck away to do my blog and get a mid-day beer. (which after one paragraph of writing is done.) Which brings me up to date. Now im going to go buy rice and fish and candy for the “fet” (party.) Easy to through a party for muslems, coca-cola is cheaper then beer.



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2 responses to “Next day update…

  1. ahbi

    Maria, all the Vernon-Lapows are loving you and your work….we want to buy a bronze!!!! hope your party was fun….thanks for blogging. I feel like i’m with you in ‘real time’. know that you are adored, ahbi

  2. ahbi

    oh, and Merry Christmas! (and happy Hanukah)

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