Pictures are hard to upload, but here are a few…

Vivian and one of the necklace pieces were making. at least 3 other artist will be making pendants too, and they are hand cast in bronze, with a piece of art stuck in, under a little pane of glass.

OK, I have no good stories to add, I just came to, with determination, sit here and upload all the photos I want to have on this page. Unfortunately, I will probably die before this happens, as the internet here is impossibly slow. I can repeat the same action, pushing the download butten ten times and maybe once it will work. This time I tried 14 times, and it hasn’t worked yet. As said by Shakira in the the South Africa world cup song, Oh Africa. Im only publishing this post to see if it will work when I am editing an existing post.   LATER: OMG its working. Dont want to type too much, I might jinx it

My Little artist friends came back to work with me again!My neighbor kid made this airplane. freeking awesom.

MY Ngony! Isnt she lovely....

Detail of Abus work


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One response to “Pictures are hard to upload, but here are a few…

  1. Debbie Kaye

    Thanks for working so hard to share with the rest of us, Maria! It is a treat to see, as well as read about, what you are doing and seeing.

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