Snapshots of sounds, and today

The internet is behaving perticularly slowely right now, and I am going to put off picture posting until tomorrow.

I spent the morning trying to drill a hole in glass for a sculpture. Interesting project, but I havent gotten it figured out. I did drill holes in a little calabash. I am so excited for when my first pieces are all sanded and I can do some mixed media sculpture with them. I am going to try to do a Raku firing in the forge the next time, and for that I need to get some real, better, clay, not just donkey poo and dirt mixed together.
My neighbor is a singer. She sings in the shower, and while she washes clothes. She sings to her baby. Other people come over and sing with her sometimes too.  Right now I can here her singing along to the radio, playing some fun xylaphony music in local language. I can also hear someone making toe, this area’s pounded starch. Made in a big wooden drum, pounded for at least 45 minutes and eaten in glop form, this polenta like corn meal fuels this country. Pound, Pound, Pound, the beat of wooden mallet on wooden drum, crushing corn.
I worked all day yesterday and made two pieces in wax. The others are not yet completely sanded, but we have made some headway. Sanding is two thirds of the job. Thank god I have Omar and Sora, and whoever else stops by to work for a day. These people all work for the patrone, Isa, who I pay to help me. Isa isnt my favorite person on earth, to be honest, I feel like he is a bit two faced, but he gets the job done, and his workers are great. He is always zooming around on his moto, and I dont actually see that much of him. The real work is done by the boys who work for him.

Im a bit sick. Its not malaria, it has to do with burning plastic and polluted air. I woke up with a hot face and a burning throat. I had some pinapple juice, maybe that will cure me. Its actually watermelon season, I eat watermelons like they are air. Speaking of food. Vegitarian pot of gold day for me, I found an old lady who sells tofu kebabs right near me! Ten cents a kebab!!! I was so excited I bought ten and made everyone around me eat them to. The old lady was surprised by my enthusiasm and promised to come back.


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