Musical Dreams

I want to learn how to play the Ngoni. The Ngoni as an instrument that falls somewhere imbetween a harp and a guitar, and is played by the Griots. The griots are the villages  storytellers, all over west africa. I am pretty sure every village has one, and they wander around like bards, telling the story of the families in the village, and playing the Ngoni.
I talked to a guy for the afternoon who wants to teach me, but I am sceptical. He is sort of a “guide” type. I avoid people like this like the plauge, normally. It is a certain theatre that is the busness of people who work with tourests, and it drives me insane, because it always makes me feel like im Truman in the Truman show and they didnt hire good enough actors to be my friends. Im going to his concert tonight, maybe my mind will change. If his musical skills are so great that they overpower his personality I might do it. But there is something about people whos busness is charming you that weirds me out.

This is how I feel when guides tell me things they think are wooing

On another note, I got a bunch of litle squares of glass cut for me today and am having little glass boxes made for me to put in a few of my sculptures. The women here sell food out of glass boxes balanced on their heads, and I want to pay homage to them in art. I also bought some interesting little things from a medicine-witch doctor lady to put in sculptures. Gourds, protective rings, and some crazy looking spears. I cant wait till my first batch of bronzes are ready and I can start attaching things to them! I am going to do the fire tomorrow morning. I better get a good nights sleep because the bronze forge is a lot of work! I bought a mirror from a kid on the street today. The frame is tape and the back is cardboard. Self-portraiting is so fun in a narcissistic sort of way. I am trying to paint one thing every day, and me in my new mirror is today.



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2 responses to “Musical Dreams

  1. Debbie Kaye

    Hi, Dear — I love hearing about your thinking, feeling (so glad you are heeding your instincts about people), and doing. Keep it coming!
    love, Aunt Debbie

  2. ahbi

    Maria, Our friend Charlie (Lily’s dad) whom you’ve met, has become a master ngoni player AND builder….he has made many beautiful ngoni….i will hook you up with him when you are back in the Bay. sending love, protection and awe your way, Ahbi

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