Our crazy unbalanced planet


My neighbor made me some toe today. Like polenta. hand food rocks!

I Just spent a good few hours, sandwiched between two Muslim prayer sessions, trying to explain to a friend how 80 dollars is a lot of money to an American even though we can make that in one day. I know everything I said was true, but I felt like a lyer. How many towels are in your bathroom? How many teacups? How many chairs are in your house? Those things aren’t even a sign of wealth in our culture. We just all have more then we need. Here, if you have a chair, you move it around your house to sit in it where ever you are. My friend just bought a pair of crappy canvas shoes and it took two weeks of work worth of time straight to have the money to buy shoes. That is the equivalent of a computer for me. If you want to watch a movie here, the electricity costs as much as going out to see a movie at home. If I work for one hour I can see a movie, if someone works for an hour here, they can turn a TV on for two hours with that much money. THIS WORLD IS SO UNBALANCED!!!! When its my birthday, or around my birthday, I like to think about what I have learned from my experiences this year. This year has been a year of extremes. And Im back on the rocky side of the road. I just read that Burkina Faso is usually one of the three poorest countries on earth. It battles neighbors for winning the very bottom. That is poverty, when your time isn’t worth anything. When for a days work you can eat and that;s it. People here make maybe 2 dollars a day. And stuff isn’t that cheap! Its all made in china and it it takes a day to buy a sponge, or a day to buy a bar of soap. ITS INSANE!!!


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