Its my birthday, I dont know what I will think back on today as, but its  a bit silly from the angle of right now. Everyone has been complaining about how cold it is, people are selling parkas with fake fur like beer at a baseball game, and it literally must be 90 degrees.  I got a good new mosqito net today at the” Grand Marche.” The Grand Marche is a debockle I usually avoid, as things are very overpriced for me and I have a temper in Africa that I dont have in America when people change the price on me. My friend Aziz helped me weave through the people shouting “Donne mua San Frank Nasara”- “Give me money white lady,” Which is the song I dance around to all day.
I set up my mosqito net cheerfully. Havent been such a suzy-nest maker for a long time, but there was a hole in my old one and I have the itchy legs that I am praying arent going to put me down for days with malaria. I have been drinking my herbal remedy to prevent getting sick and it taists as bad as it smells. After that, I had a dolo with another old friend, Arnold. Dolo is fermented millet. Its .10 cents for a calabash (gourd) full, which is enough to make anyone at least relax, which is what I need after the Grand Marche. I have been told that the dolo house isnt somewhere young people like to go, because thats where old people used to do weird magical things when they were kids, and now they are all creeped out. I am alway trying to talk people into getting dolo with me, because I want to see the weird magical things, and because beer anywhere else is 1.50 and because you get to drink dolo in a little thatch house out of a calabash which is more fun.
After that, I went back to my house and got to work. I need to make a charcol fire to heat up the wax to make my sculptures out of, and somehow its way harder for me then everyone else here. I gave up and asked a neighbor for a bit of charcol from her so I could start my fire. Im pretty satisfied with my work, though I honestly didnt do a whole lot. I went out to get a tea and the boss-guy who works for me doing the bronze drove by on his moto (moped), and envited me for a beer. Im still a bit mad at him for trying to do a magic thing on me yesterday, which just freeks me out, because I am a bit to superstitious to discredit it. But I went anways, and then came back to my little room and now Im a bit drunk and sleepy and I didnt even go dancing which was my only goal!… aaaah, you just cant control life, it just pulls you along, especially here, and fighting that is like trying to swim up a waterfall.


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  1. Shaun Hubbard

    Maria!!! Happy birthday, Precious One! Love, Shaun

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