Building my little house

Some little kids playing with a tire

Dec 4- Sitting in my little concrete room with the fan pointed directly on me as I write this, going through the pictures I took today. My room is slowely becoming furnished with bought and borrowed tables and chairs. I have National Geographic pictures on my wall and a set of christmas lights that snakes through the space. I had a giant table made for me to work on and can do my art in my own space now at any time I want to. Giant tables full of art supplies are my happy place.

My little apartment

Tomorrow is my birthday, and I intend to dance myself silly, even if it is a monday. The two nearby dance clubs are called Matata and Jamaica. I personally love Matata, though the music is usially Rianna, Drake, or this Nigerian popstar named P-Squair. There are a lot of Cote Divoir pop songs as well, most of which have specific dances that go along with them. The Burkinabe music is classier, and not often played in clubs.
In the meantime, today I have been working hard, trying to get 10 pieces made in wax by a week from now, so that I can do the first fire as soon as possible.
Having caught some of the people that I work with trying to do magic on me,  (yes, im not kidding) I am happy to have my own space to work. I dont know if I want to go into detailes, but there are layers of crazyness in West Africa that keep surprising me. They work hard and are fun to chat with and drink tea with, but sometimes I need an escape.
On a brighter note, the guy next door to me is a Togalese herbal doctor and sold me some malaria prevenative herbs today, I have high hopes, because they smell pretty bad. A group of the women who live here are doing eachothers hair outside in the courtyard right now. There baby keeps crawling into my room and grinning at me, dirty hand in her mouth. Hair do-ing is a pretty big deal around here. Women attach all sorts of plastic onto their scalps, braided, loose, coiled up in plastic slinky things that shoot out in all directions, you name it. I have heard that African women spend a bigger percentage of their money on beauty products then any other women in the world. That doesnt say much when you only make 2.00 a day, but still interesting.

Serge- showing me some of his art

I also went to another artists house to visit today. Serge is maybe 20, really sincere and a great painter. His mom told me I should marry him. This happens to me about 20 times a day.
One great past time in West Africa is just walking around visiting people. Any ones house that I go to, several people randomy show up. People are pretty unimployed, and its too hot to work hard anyway, so people (at least men) just hang out and drink tea, or play cards, or chat. Already people are sticking their heads in my door just to say hi. I am not going to lie, I am a bit paraniod, after having my door broken down and everthing stolen from me last time around, but nobody knows I have a computer, and I intend for it to stay that way.
OK, back to work! I took some good pictures of a goat that I am going to try and paint.

This is the beginning of a piece in wax, and the tools I am using


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  1. Megan

    Happy Birthday! I know you will dance it up something fierce. I love your watercolors and bronze (it has the most beautiful feet!) I want to come and form a protective coat around you, but I know that you can do that yourself. You are so strong and amazing. I love you and am always with you.

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