Please excuse the way too long absence. It takes a certain attitude to keep a blog running, which I am still trying to develope in myself. For all people who donated to the artist project last time I hope you got your letters. for the people who donated VIA Paypal, I am sorry, I didnt look up your address, but your money went to VERY excited and VERY deserving people.

Hello all. I am here, in Burkina Faso again, hitting the ground running. I went home for 4 months and then returned last week. Im not really traveling this time, just making bronze sculptures and living in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso. I returned there because there are great artists here and I have some good real friends, (something that is a bit hard to come by when you have so many culural and economic barriors) I have a little room that I am renting, near the foundery that I will be working at. Not much has changed since I left Burkina.
I am here to make bronze sculptures using the oldest traditional way ever. It is amazing how simple the process really is. The sculptures are beeswax, with bee bits still in it. Then there is a mold made of donky poo and clay from streight out of the ground. And then the final bronze positive is made of old doorknobs and piping. Its beautiful.
I woke up this morning, in my little room, to the sound of the mosk’s religous wailing next door to me. I went out and bought a nescafe (a company which I usually boycott on principal, but here drink like water.) And went to pay an artist friend of mine a visit. There was another painter there, and we chatted a bit, and then I went to my work place. The same boys who are always there greated me enthusiastically and offered me the tea they were brewing over a little charcol pit. They have been pretty surprised that I actually came back there. Its the same foundery that I was working at before. and when I returned 4 days ago they were enthusiastic. Probably because they still think im rich, but whatever!

My Bronze Buddies

Mango season is unfortunately over, but I eat beans and rice and drink tea like its water. After lunch, I went and got water. Yes, after getting my room, I discovered that I had to go down the street and get water from a public pump. This is how you do that: You stand under the pump with a bucket on your head. Someone else turns on the pump and you wait till your bucket is filled. then you hobble home, with 30lbs of water on your head. I dont know if I would have signed up for that, but, why not? little morning rituals are good things!
I had a big table made for me in my room so I can work there if I want as well, if i need privacy. Actually the guys at the table place are waiting for me so I should wrap this up, come to think of it. but I have already started working, and have tons of pieces in my head, so am fueled up for a while. Life is good, and i learned last time that I need to take care of myself, emotionally and physically. So I am taking lots of vitamins, bought myself a fan, wear closed toed shoes, make art every day and all the good stuff.

Learning watercolors- this is my buddy Omar

I am also starting a new project with artists, making pendants and belt buckles. more about that later, if it works.
Love you all!



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  1. Brett Poirier

    All good! I like the water color too. Hope you can hold on to that camera for the duration somehow – your images really make the people come alive, almost as much as your art! Thinking of you from Pt Reyes CA….Love from Lino

  2. Bob & Mel

    So glad to hear from you! And glad that things are well & you are right back at making your art. We miss & love you & hope you have a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
    We will be thinking of you, XOXOXO, M & B

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