I am in Ouagadougo, and suddenly getting clarity about what I can do here, with the equipment that I have, to help artists in a lasting way. While in Africa, I have met a lot of artisans, but the true artists are few and far between. This is of course because even in America it is risky to be an artist. It is an unreliable source of income. Here, where people work so that they can eat, it means going without food when your pieces don’t sell. I am staying with a painter in Ouagadougo right now. He is really good, and knows all the other fine artists in the area, and works every day, but has no money. He also has no photos of his work, and sells occasionally to tourists, but Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, is not exactly Cancun. Though my camera was stolen, we borrowed on from someone and took photos which we could edit on my computer. The camera is not good, but it is something, at least. Finn, my brother, is bringing me another one next month and we can take better pictures then.

There are other incredible artist in this city as well. They work all day and eat only bread, and it is incredibly inspiring, but is a difficult life.

I was planning to go straight to Ghana, but have quickly met such a good group of people I will probably be here for a few days more, and will definitely come back after spending some time further south with my brother and his friends. We are even talking about using the giant projector that I have been carrying around to have an exhibition with Skype.

I will write again. and will update the artist page then, the internet is so slow here. I also have a few pictures of my work in bronze. Coming soon!





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  1. liza

    I Love the photos of paintings! Must be exciting to find what you’ve been searching for…and how wonderful for them to feel your kinship and interest in their life’s calling..
    Looking forward to photos of your bronze pieces!
    xoxolove, Mom

  2. Suzanne Devereux

    It’s nice to read an update on what you’re up to, Maria… and love seeing the artists’ work. I wish you had a “share on Facebook” icon to click on…
    Love & Light, Suzanne

  3. Suzanne Devereux

    I posted the link on my Facebook page anyway… I think you’re an amazing young woman on an incredible journey!

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