I am in the Bamako White House


This is an experimental video that I am adding in. I made a big old 2 minute piece, but it seems that it couldn’t upload in less than 12 hours, an the power inevitably cut out halfway through. Tiny clips may be a bit more manageable.

I am finally in Mali, and adjusting to the way of life here. I was not stuck in Casa Blanca as I thought I might be. I made it on the late flight, and arrived, sleepy and confused, in the Bamako airport at 3am. The airport, as airports always are, was full of hustlers. I was surrounded by people wanting to exchange money and give me taxi rides. I dont know more then 20 words in French, and 10 of them are numbers, so I didn’t really know what to do. The people who live qt Ko Falen, The place I am staying, were planning to meet me at the airport, but i was  hours late. I learned later that they waited for me for 6 hours. My new friend Pierre, from the plane, helped to arrange a taxi ride for me. I had the address, and we set off. We drove around the dirt roads for an hour looking for Ko Falen. Finally the poor taxi driver gave up and took me home; where I spent my first night on a couch. It was comfortable enough, but I was concerned that the people who expected me at Ko Falen would be worried.  The next morning, I got a ride on the back of a motorcycle to my new home and met my new hosts. Seydou, Moosa, and Papu. They are hilarious, and though I cant understand them at all, I like them and we have been talking in different languages and getting by just fine. I am going to practice like crazy to learn some French and Bamara, the local language here. The first night was New Years Eve. We all put on party hats, made a feast of chicken and veggies, and lit off fireworks and danced. It was a good time, and there were about 15 people at KoFalen; though only two of them spoke English. Today I got a ride to Papu’s work, the white house, where he fixes computers. Tourists are not allowed here, but somehow they let me in, though they searched me for a camera. The white house is nice, but they have dial up internet, and ancient computers. The electricity just shut off for about 15 minutes as well. A guard just came in to give me some tea. The tea here is foamy and very sweet. Perfect for the heat. I am still working on uploading videos and pictures, please be patient, I will figure it out.



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4 responses to “I am in the Bamako White House

  1. Shaun Hubbard

    Maria, Harold and I are with you in spirit! Happy adventures to you! Love, Shaun

  2. cinnie

    following your blog and loving it!!you are going to write a book someday, right?you are an inspiration
    love you, cinnie

  3. Bob & Mel

    Yeah! Maria! What wonderful adventures – You are amazing & we are so proud of YOU. Love, m & b

  4. baba

    WOW It is going to be hard to keep up with you! What a great start on your adventure in Mali I watched a lot of the videos and it looks some like Ghana but without all the signs and biblical references. I hope you like French. It used to be the international language and still is a good inbetween language since it is spoken in many other counrties. I have forgotten most of what I learned but it comes back. The land does not look very dry. Is it very hot all the time. Do you think you took the things you need? How’s your health? I’ll watch you blog for answers. Have a great experience!

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