The Berkeley Farmers Market


Enjoying the sunshine, and the new chair I found and have begun to carry!

On a beautiful Tuesday, I rode down to the Berkeley Farmers Market to collect stories, and meet up with an old friend, Geuseppi, who travels around the west coast giving tea away for free in his “Tea Bus,” Edna. Our projects, though externally pretty different have similar goals- building community in public spaces, non money based interaction, strangers becoming non-strange. (He has a blog too, and you can follow his travels at ….We set

Geuseppi is in his Tea Bus, serving tea

our projects up next to each other and served free tea while collecting stories. It was a great day, we had lots of visitors, and I noticed how much people slowed down and opened up with my project when they had sat and had some tea first.  Here are the stories from the day, people answered questions from the spinner again, which is working pretty well, though I need to laminate it. 4-13, Berkeley Farmers Market




These ladies recorded several, before they were satisfied with what they said enough for me to keep it.



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