Back in Oakland, and new cart updates!

I have been back in the bay for almost a month now, have started again with recording. The project was put on hold to do cart-repairs, and in the meantime, I started a bike tour from Arcata to the Bay Area without my cart, and fell off my bike, breaking my elbow. So, I am just beginning my project up again.

Wonderful and interesting updates:

New story variety device on the cart!

There are now 12 Questions that people can answer. An old clock has become a spinner so that people are asked what ever question they land on when they spin the second hand. The stories from its firs journey out have been very fun.

Its good to be back in The Bay!

April 2, Around Oakland and Berkeley



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2 responses to “Back in Oakland, and new cart updates!

  1. baba

    Right on, Maria! Ride on, Maria! Like it. Baba

  2. Liza

    I loved seeing the miniature working bikes by Aloo!! Great match for Brett!!

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