One leg of the journey completed!

I have held off from writing for about a  week, because the continuity of my project has been halted. I am, in fact, on hold from story collecting. I got a ride from Santa Barbara up to the Bay Area, where I had to leave my lovely cart and continue up to Corvallis, OR, to go to my uncles wedding. (whick was beautiful) After the warmth of Southern California, my body is experiencing a bit of a shock. I am heading back down to the bay tomorrow, where I plan to rebuild my cart out of fiberglass, reconstruct the audio system so that I dont need to take it apart while I am biking, and organize for my next journey.  I am also going to be renting a ceramic art studio in the Bay area for the next month, and will be selling some of my work. If you are interested in checking in about that, I will be posting my cart progress nd my artwork here. But probably no new stories for a month or so. Check back in soon!

Thank you for following my blog!



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3 responses to “One leg of the journey completed!

  1. Bequin Lapwing

    Hi Maria!!!
    This is your mom speaking , sitting beside Bequin, drinking Matte on a veranda above the ocean, watching the wind move through the palms.. Its awesome to check in on you this way.. What a fantastic first chapter. I am so proud of you!!

    Love and hugs from the Big Island, from Both of us!!

  2. Katie Coffey

    Hi Maria,
    We miss you at the oral history project. I can’t wait to hear about all of your adventures ( hopefully no more about tying your cart on to the back of a truck with random bits of twine). Take care- Katie

  3. Sadie

    i think i did the comment wrong, it went away before i was done talking. well, i want to hang out, it is nice outside.


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