Santa Barbara Art Festival!

Beautiful day to wake up in Santa Barbara and record. This is a fun community. feb 28, Santa Barbara Arts Fair

I bike the hour long trail from Isla Vista to  what I thought would be the farmers market this morning, in Santa Barbara, and saw an empty lot. I sat down and

Seeing other people pull dogs around makes me daydream...

realized that I was a whole day off… The farmers market that I recorded at last time I was here was on Saterday. But… Opportunities seem to show up from everywhere. I walked a couple more blocks, and came to a thriving art festival outdoor market that happens every sunday here, on the water, on State Street. So the recordings for today are from a completely new place, and from and art community to boot! I met lots of fun people today, and had a good time recording.



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2 responses to “Santa Barbara Art Festival!

  1. adam drew gansel

    beautiful days help people in beautiful ways

    great recordings . inspiration

  2. Kirsten Jones Neff

    Maria- you continue to amaze. this is so fun to read. The way we live nowadays, its hard to believe that people are warm and open and trusting/trustworthy out in the world. your blog is an antidote to our worry ills. Yay! xoKirsten and the gang

    ps- so glad you met up with your mama…love the photo

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