Orange County, and then back to Santa Barbara

I biked through Orange County from Huntington beach on the 25th. I passed through Laguna Beach and stayed with the grandparents of a good friend from Santa Barbara, in San Clemente. I spent a whole day exploring around San Clemente, and swimming and hiking on the beautiful bike path. The recordings are mostly from Laguna beach, where I stopped on my way down. 2-26 Orange County Yesterday, Dede and Guy, the kind people who took care of me in San Clemente, gave me a ride back up to Santa Barbara, where I am staying right now. Sadly that was as far south as I think I am going to get on this journey, and I am now switching gears. I am going to be in Santa Barbara until the fourth, and then am getting a ride up to Corvallis, Oregon to go to my uncle Tom’s wedding. I may stay in Portland for  a while, and then bike down to the Bay area, continuing to collect stories along the way, but will post when my plans are more clear. In the mean time, this california adventure is slowing down… It has been wonderful.


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