Santa Monica to Huntington Beach

Yesterday I get an e-mail from my mom, who is currently traveling also, and had realized that we were only 30 miles from each

Me and my mom on a Hike above Santa Monica

other! I was planning to go pick up my bike cart, which I had left in Santa Monica, and bike down to Huntington beach, but instead she and her boyfriend Brett drove over in the Westfalia van that they have been traveling in and picked me up. We spent the day hiking in the hills above Santa Monica, and had a beautiful day. I camped with them in the Van, and we played dominoes and caught up on our adventure stories, while sitting in their little compact home-on-wheels. This Morning they joined me on the first leg of my ride to huntington beach, and we rode together down the bike path. We met a group of bike enthusiest-firemen who showed us their firehouse and were really nice,

I left my cart locked up overnight, and somebody uncovered the faces from the tarp that I put over it! People are curious animals!

as well as other great people throughout the day. When we parted ways, I headed inland on the PCH through Long Beach, and finally arrived at huntington beach a couple hours after dark. I am staying with a new couchsurfing friend named Brooke, who has two adorable little dogs and many stories of international travel. Here are the

I met these firemen on the beach, and then they invited us to their fire house.

most recent  recordings: The first few are from yesterday, but most are from the trip down the coast.

Feb 22-23, All around LA…



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3 responses to “Santa Monica to Huntington Beach

  1. Sarah Bryant

    Hi Maria

    Cool pic of you and your mom! Jody Baldwin is in Balboa, look her up: 949-675-8675. She would be thrilled to see you and hear your stories. She’s my mom, your grandmother’s friend from high school, your mom’s aunt (confused yet?).

    Keep it up! You’re doing essential work for the planet!

    XXO, Sarah

    • Maria

      Hi Sarah! we were just talking about you, because you are in france, right? And I am trying-daydreaming about getting over there to learn french, because I want to travel more in Africa. So maybe someday we can meet! Maybe we met before, but i think i must have been small… Maria

  2. BRETT

    That sure was a fun day, Maria! Sorry it got tougher after we turned around….Hugs from Bakersfield area as I wobble northward on Stella minus (a big minus indeed) Liza.

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