Beverly Hills and Glendale

The old Armanian men who I met in the Park today in Glendale

I have been continuing to explore LA, staying with my friend Rory in Glendale. I am enjoying this part of town, lots of languages around me, parks to explore, and food from all around the world. Yesterday I explored the Glendale area, found a book sale at the library, and brought to many books home, considering that I am pulling all of my belongings around with me. Today I met some Old Armanian men in a park playing some game that looked like Backgamin, ho have a lot more depth to their historical situation that I could record in a short little moment, but it opened a window to the life of all of those Armanian’s that live here. Today I am off to Venice Beach, where there is a drum circle every Sunday evening…  New community to explore.

Another new glendale friend (Patrick) Who recorded

. And then on to Huntington beach tomorrow… My california adventure may be coming to a close soon, as I will be heading up to Oregon to go to my uncle’s wedding next week sometime. I think I can get a ride with my cart, and will start up in Oregon to head south back to the Bay Area. Here are the recordings for the day. Feb21, Beverly Hills and Glendale



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2 responses to “Beverly Hills and Glendale

  1. suzanne

    I love reading about your adventures, explorations and insights. .. Thank you for sharing your journey with us all!

    • Maria

      Thanks Suzanne- If you are interested in it, my grandma is starting a woman’s community on the big island in hawaii- maybe too far away for you but e-mail me if you want info about it.

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