Malibu to Santa Monica

Where I stayed in Malibu, and my host!

LA has been a funny and strange place to record. People seem genuinely confused by my cart, and by the fact that I am bicycling at all. I rolled into a Starbucks in Malibu on the evening of the 16th, and after meeting a large crew of Malibu “old timers” and country singers, my friend Sonja picked me up, and I had to leave my cart so that I could get in her car and spend the night at her house. We spent the next day exploring the beaches north of LA, and then she dropped me off near

Some guys I met today on my way to santa monica. They recorded a few pieces

my cart. I slept there, up the hill, with a woman that I met in Starbucks. Today, I biked my cart back to Santa Monica, and then to Beverly Hills where I am staying with Sonja. These recordings are from today, in Malibu, and in Santa Monica. Here they are:2-18LA

Santa Monica Pier




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2 responses to “Malibu to Santa Monica

  1. Me oh, my oh Miss Maria Ma’am! Apparently I didn’t receive the full details of your “project” when we met! I find my mind feeling joyous while thoroughly boggled. =) I’ve been busy aimlessly wandering about the many dips and dives that LA has to offer. Today (Saturday, February the 20th) though, I’ve found a hotel wherein the nice day clerk doesnt mind if I use their computer in exchange for a bit of company. Great trade. It seems that my end of that agreement turned into a very durating session of reading and listening and looking at your journey!
    Its Beautiful what you’re doing Ma’am! As mentioned earlier, I didn’t realize how long and far you had already been toting your dreamy little workshop behind you that you asked me to sing into when we met. I believe it was Thursday, February the 18th…
    Sensing good hearts and minds through uploaded recordings is a soothing experience. Children make me smile, your many hosts fill me with admiration, others humble my own outlooks with brisk new ideas. Simply wonderful!
    I hope we run into each other again some day! Though computers aren’t plenty for me these days, I’ll be sure to check in as much as I can.
    Eyes straight ahead, chin up, and shoulders back! All my best wishes to you on your travels!

    Billy Thaxton

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