I biked to Ventura yesterday, and planned to stay for just a night and head on south, but this is a good town, and I met good people. I stayed with some people that I met as soon as I arrived. They are long time surfers, and I am staying in a memorable surfers house. Apparently Surfers have been living in this house for fourty years. They are nice and relaxed and surfer-ish. Shawn, the person who is hosting me in the house, got up at five to check out the waves. It is a good culture, and spending time here is making me want to turn into a surfer and spend all my time paying attention to what the ocean is doing. I think that it must make people wise, because some of the people that I am recording here, and pretty clued into the way that they want to live. Here are the recordings for the day:


I am still planning to head south tomorrow, but will need to make it all the way to LA in one day, so probably wont stop to record much on the road.



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4 responses to “Ventura

  1. shell

    Hey marie, this is Shell from ventura. Wanted to say hi and wonder where you are. Hope your trip just keeps getting better and better. Laughter Shell

  2. Sean

    How’s the tea ?

  3. Kirk

    Awesome, I’m so glad I got to be a part of this project. Great things you say about Ventura, it’s beautiful.

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