Santa Barbara Farmers Market

The last recording is a long one of digeridoo music. This guy was amazing.

My wonderful host, Suzanne, who is a life coach and a writer

What a wonderful farmers market. It is warm and beautiful and everyone has a sunny smile. I spent the night last night at a new friends house, named Suzanne. We met on the highway in big sir, and she recorded a piece for the project, then gave me her contact info, for when I rolled into this part of town. I stayed at her peaceful house, and she showed me around town. This morning I set up my cart at the farmers market, and had a large and excited audience. The first recording, of the man who’s birthday it is, gave me a new bike light, so thank you! Here are the recordings for the day.-2-13 Santa Barbara Farmers Market

I am pretty sure this is the culprit who made the farting noise in the recorder, you will here it.

I am biking with a new friend named Adam, who recorded a piece on the last page, to Carpenteria, to camp before heading further to Ventura. I am hoping to move a bit faster the rest of the way to LA, because  a wonderful old friend, Sonja Pavic is visiting there right now too. But there is always time to take a dip in the ocean when it is this beautiful. Goodbye Santa Barbara, I could stay here for a long time, but time to keep going!



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2 responses to “Santa Barbara Farmers Market

  1. BRETT

    Great pix and of course more good stories and friends made along the way! Loved the digeridoo guy and pix and also the one of you and your Big Sur (note spelling, hah) new friend Suzanne.

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