Around Santa Barbara

My new friend jan, recording outside of "Yoga Soup"

I was planning to spend the day today around the college, but met a rad woman named Jen, who was biking into the city for a yoga class. I decided to join her, and we biked from Isla Vista, where the school is, to the city of Santa Barbara. It is

I thought my cart could pull a lot of weight, until i met these guys on the bike path!

a beautiful ride, and the whole area is completely full of bikes and bike paths. At first, I thought there were stores selling used beach cruisers everywhere, but they were just student bike parking. It is incredible. I have never seen anything like it, except maybe in some parts of asia. We made a mistake with our time planning, and managed to arrive to the class 40 minutes late. Too late to go to yoga, but just in time to set up and record a few people on their way out. The first recordings are from the people coming out of yoga, the last two are from people at the co-op I am staying at.  2-11 santa barbara. I biked back alone, and got lost. I am very talented at getting lost in new cities. I probably went in many circles, but eventually found my way back to the bike path, and to Isla Vista. I set up my cart here in the Co-op at dinner time, but not a lot of people were around. Last night the whole space was humming, but everyone seems to be gone tonight.


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  1. BRETT

    Hey Maria – Wow, sun for you finally, and of course often fun along the way too. The pix of your wet bag draped over the cart, I am glad you are dried out and have a base along the coast to savor the people and some fresh (non-dehydrated!) food to nourish you. Liza asked me how far we were from you in Malibu and I looked at the map and calculated about 150 miles as the raven flies. But that is just a guess, could be 175 miles. We have enjoyed the sun of late, both in the desert and now for two days around the little mountain village of Julian, known mostly for its fresh (in season) apple pies!

    We are going to drop down back into the lower elevations -from here at 4000′ to not much above sea level – as the clouds and showers are moving back into these mountains, apparently, for Friday-Sunday up here…and I see where it will be just more pleasant sun down at Borrego Springs town which we liked a week ago. They have a nice farmers market onthe circular grassy plaza on Friday mornings. We stumbled into it last Friday and will now make it again, most likely, this Friday!

    There was actually still some patchy snow along the Pacific Crest Trail stretch that we did today south of Julian – remnants of the storms of a couple of weeks ago no doubt. Not enough to make it unhikeable but it probably would have been tough to hike this stretch about a mile high just a week ago or less! We could see alot of snow on the mountains about 50-70 milles north from the PCT. I thnk the San Bernandino Mts east of L.A. Some of those are 8000′ and San Jacinto Peak is 10,000′ I think and the highest of all.

    I think we will stick to clothing-optional morning yoga sessions – led by master Liza of course – in the warm desert backroad camping areas for the weekend! And just enjoy the views of the snowy, probably cloudy mountains to the north…..

    Enjoy your journey and hope you can share our stomach of homemade (van-made) popcorn this evening, complete with brewers yeast, liquid aminos, and a few other goodies like Spike…..

    Hug from the road!

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