All the way to Santa Barbara

Drying my sleeping bag out while I was riding. I feel like a madman sometimes.

After a few more recordings, I Left Lompoc in the afternoon, and headed 20 or so miles south to Gaviota, the next  campground. It was getting dark when I finally rode into the park. It was a clear night, against all odds, and I was very happy about it, though my warm cloths and sleeping bag were still damp. I downloaded some books on tape, and listened to around the world in eighty days until I fell asleep. This morning, I

Rain isn't all bad...

recorded the wonderful camp hosts, and then headed on in the last 30 miles to Santa Barbara. feb9, Lompoc toward Santa Barbara. This is the whole collection during the trip. I haven’t recorded anyone here yet, I am really tired, and plan to stay here for a few days. I am staying at a sweet co-op called Bico. I had a wonderful, not-dehidrated dinner, and am going to sleep very soon.

(these are my super sweet camp hosts, at Gaviota. they fed me before I took off.)


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