Towards Lompoc

In Guadalupe

I had a beautiful day and  a sopping wet night, camping. But I am just outside of Lompoc, and then it will be a quick two (or at my current rate four) day journey to Santa Barbara. There is a co-op there that is a sister to the Co-op that I live in in Berkeley, and a friend that I met in Big Sir that I will be staying with. She wrote an article about the project. Here is the link, if you are interested-

The recordings from yesterday are from Guadalupe, where I spent part

Me, Bob Marley on the speakers, and a gazillion miles of farmland.

of the afternoon. I also set up to record in Orcutt next to a wonderful woman that was selling homemade bird houses, but didn’t stay long enough to record anybody, because I heard about some very large hills, and realized I needed to get out early. feb8, Guadalupe to Lompoc. This morning, I dragged my sopping wet cart up a final hill, and pulled into a subway, where the owner, Bill, gave me a free breakfast sandwich, and we sat and talked about life, and the adventure of raising a family versus the adventure of exploring and the importance of both, while  I sat and dried off. I have a few recordings from  there, but will get them organized this afternoon. Now I am at the library, and will slide down the flooded highway to Lompoc to spend the afternoon and make a next step, which probably will include a laundromat!

If you want a birdhouse, go to Orcutt!


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One response to “Towards Lompoc

  1. emerald

    I don’t know how I didn’t know about your blog until just now, but it is wonderful!
    It’s so fun being able to track your journey and I can’t wait to listen to all the stories you have on here
    Assuming you get this in time (I hope you do) will you call me when you’re in santa barbara??
    I would love love love to see you, show you my studio, do some art with you?
    If I don’t hear from you in the next couple days I’ll try to track you down (is it ridiculous to assume you have your cell phone?)
    Whether this works out or not I’m sending lots of love your way and safe travels!
    Miss you!

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