The wonderful people that took me home!

I left San Louis because it was time too, but I didn’t have a next step pinned down. Some how I ended up not far south at all, in Oceano. I didn’t want to head much further south because of the weather.  I met two beautiful woman in the park and set up to record their kids. They took me home with them, and we watched the Superbowl, and they taught me how to make tortillas. I have tried to make tortillas before, but they have always fallen apart.. Now I think I can do it again later. I have been spending the evening with their family and friends, and have had a really good time. It is a  wonderful feeling to not know where I will end up and then to end up in such great company! The recordings that they did are here, along with some people that I met earlier in san louis in the morning.  2-7- Oceano



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2 responses to “Oceano

  1. Delmy

    I’m glad you stop here in oceano, it was apleasure to meet you. your project is hansome , good luck and GOD Bless You.

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