The San Louis Obispo art community

So today it rained again in San Louis, and again, I am so glad that it did. I am also glad that I left my purse at the open pottery studio that I went to last night. Last evening, the people at “Anam Cre” pottery studio opened their space up to potters to make bowls. The money that they make selling the bowls go to the food bank. So much fun to play with clay… It was a lively evening. It was also the monthly art walk all over down town. Me and my couch surfing host visited several galleries. For anyone interested, I would

My cart couldn't quite fit in the studio...

recommend the work of David Settino Scott. He is an amazing man, and his artwork blew me away. But back to the story- I left my purse at the pottery studio, because I took it off to throw on the wheel. Because of that un-luck(luck), I returned there today, and spent the whole day making more bowls and art for the food bank and spending time with some amazing people. Unfortunately, some of the recordings somehow dissapeared again. I still need to figure out why that happens. And they were good ones too. One was from a new wonderful friend and artist Abbey, and the other two were from some of the  young future ceramic artists who were taking a class there. I am sorry to all three of you. But here are some that didn’t dissapear.

2/6 San Louis Obispo at a pottery studio

My new friend Abbey, who's art and generosity were rare and special.


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  1. Maria the angel who walked into our studio today inspired all our students and warmed our hearts. Have a wonderful journey as you remind those to reflect on what inspires them.That cute little guy you pull behind your bike is a good listener.If you come back our way please know you have a little guest room, friends and food to come back to. Oh and Clay too.
    Shevon and the potters at Anam-Cre’ studio

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