San Louis Obispo

This womans husband recorded about his love for peanut butter. She didn't want to say anything, but didnt mind having her picture taken.

I made it to San Louis Obispo, yesterday evening, where I met a new set of great couch surfer hosts. It was a big old day of biking, cambria is only 35 miles away, but I once again got two flat tires. Actually that isn’t bad, compared to a couple of days in big sir where the total racked up considerably more. I don’t quite understand it, but it seems like flat tires are a plague that follow some of us around while leaving others to zoom by. But anyway, here I am. San Louis is a cute town, and tonight is the farmers market, and the once a month “bike night.” It sounds like critical mass, but with a theme. Tonights theme is Communism. I am

Sone british backpackers that I keep running into. they have yet to record.

downloading an audiobook of  Capitol, by Karl Marx to play out of a speaker on my bike cart. I recorded a few people today, but spent most of my time trying to get my solar panel working, which finally it is. I needed to buy a battery for it to charge… Long day. Anyway, here are the days recordings, and I will post what happens after the farmers market tomorrow.

2-4, (San Louis, around town)


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