San Louis at the Farmers Market

My super great couch surfing host, Ben, recorded a piece about positive people

There have been quite a few times that I have set my cart up in public and something goes wrong. My computer crashes, or the sensor doesn’t work, or something I still cant figure out makes me need to stop. But this wasn’t one of those times. It all rolled smoothly, and the enthusiastic people in San Louis didn’t need too much convincing to participate. It was wonderful. The farmers market here is more like a night carnival.

It was dark out at the farmers market, but people had a good time

It doesn’t even begin until it gets dark, and there is a lot here! It covers at least six blocks, and is packed with strolling people. Here are the recordings from the night:  2/4 San Louis Obispo Farmers Market

After the farmers market was bike night. It was just beginning to rain, but perfect for the big bike party around town. We did loops around the entire town a few times, and stopped at a big park where some people did tricks and rolled around on tall bikes. Really fun night, with great audio recordings and positive people. Today, it is raining a little bit. I am trying to decide whether to continue inching south or to stay for another night… This is a good town to get stormed into.

Hundreds of bikes filled the street for bike night


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