Big Sir to Cambria

Getting my cart on top of this little car was easier that I thought it would be!

I dawdled in Big Sir. I met lots of people, found lots of beautiful campsites, and took too long to get to San Louis Obispo by thursday, where I want to record at the farmers market. And my bike was slowly becoming a cripple. I had used three tubes, and most of a patch kit through my time in Big Sir. The road just ate my tires alive. So, my fried Rory gave me a ride for the last chuck of my journey to Cambria, the next town with a bike shop. The Cambria Bicycle Outfitters is a wonderful place, and the owner, Alan, helped me out a lot fixing up my bike, just to support the project. The stories from this part of the road are mostly from the people that I met along the highway, as well as in the campground I stayed at.


This great person was on his way to go help out in Haiti. I met him at Kirk Creek Campground.

There is a seperate track that is really long, but it is a good story, about the Dali Lama and the war in Ireland. Here it is:




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4 responses to “Big Sir to Cambria

  1. Liza

    Wow, amazing that you got your cart on that rooftop!!!
    Sending you lots of good vibes, no cell phone coverage or even pay phones in this area…
    LOVE, Mom

  2. Megan McAboy

    Hi Maria, it’s your fellow former Oaklander (& Little’s cuz)
    Kir told me about your blog.
    I love that your journey is so clearly motored and guided by your heart. People you interview can feel it and that translates to a joyous and thought-provoking experience for me the listener/reader.
    I wish you well and thanks for putting it out there!

  3. Hi Maria,
    Met you on Highway 1 south of Big Sur… looking forward to seeing you in Santa Barbara!


  4. Hi Maria,

    What a fun encounter on Tuesday on Highway 1! You’re an inspiration. Let me know when you’ll be in Santa Barbara!


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