The Esalin Institute

Everything seems to create a next step that would otherwise never have happened. This is a bizaar example: So I met an incredible person  named Ken in Big Sir, who invited me to the Esalin Institute. The Esilin Institute is an incredible wholistic healing and teaching center on the coast, where people take classes and live for a week at a time. It is very beautiful here. It is also build in a place where a natural hotsprings breaks over the rocks. Here are some recordings from this afternoon, from the old souls and lovely people who seem to surround this place.  1-30

Big Sir is heaven

I was in an uncomfortable situation, when I realized that I was not really on the

The preschool at the Esalin Institute. I couldnt take pictures of the kids, but they were beautiful, and sang songs around the ear of my cart

guest list, and needed to leave. But the people who work here are kind and incredible, and I have spent the last two nights staying with people who work here- the CEO of the place and her son, who were really wonderful, and a massage therapist who works here, named Bruce. If I have been able to stay here, I wouldn’t have gotten to meet them. I have a guest pass today, and will set up my cart around here somewhere. I don’t want to disturb people, but I know that there are some incredible people here with incredible stories.


These recordings are from the preschool here, and passing bicyclists, outside, from yesterday.

A storyteller who stopped on the road on highway 1, to tell a story

Oh, and another wonderful thing- there is an art barn here! I spent a few hours playing with clay for the first time in a month and it made me compleately giddy.

My little piece of artwork from the art barn at Esalim

Here is the piece that I made, though I don’t know what will happen to it, as I cant stick around for it to dry and fire. Please also check out the last blog for an updated audio file. The internet is slow in most parts of big sir, that I couldn’t upload the file.



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4 responses to “The Esalin Institute

  1. BRETT

    Hi Maria from Avivaca AZ, about 50 miles sw of Tucson and pretty much surrounded by Buenos Aires Natl Wildlife Refuge – most of which was tens of thousands of acres of cattle ranch until purchased by the fed govt in 1985 to try to rehabilate the land and make habitat for great native things like the masked bobwhite quail and pronghorn antelope. Sunset on the gold-lit hills right from the nifty community library picnic table outside after hours. (Electric outlet provides power for laptops and elec tea kettle brought! We are waiting for the full moon to arise as we enjoy the freebie comforts.)

    Speaking of freebie comforts, you really manifested a good thing at the institute! I have driven by there and not stopped but have heard about how nice it is – and about the hot springs, which we could certainly use right about now, the one thing this sleepy neat little town doesn’t have any of.

    Hope the cart talking and listening goes well there. As you say, this would be totally new type people to get involved. By the way, does “the cart” have a name yet? If not, do you want a name for it and, if so, do you want Liza and me to do any brainstorming on it? He/she deserves a name!

    This post-sunset is incredible sky color and you probably are getting one there as well, with a bit of coastal luck….Best – Lino

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  3. Kirsten Jones Neff

    Hi Maria- this is Kirsten and AJ. We’re so glad you’re doing well and meeting so many amazing people and seeing so many of our favorite California places. We love reading and listening. xxooK and AJ

  4. Annie


    Glad to see, and read that you just keep on trucking. I have some pictures from my iphone to share, and soon I will develop the others (i hope). I need a email address to send them to, I could not find one on the blog. Also have some LA Bike Haunts for you. Stay safe and happy trails.


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