Big Sir

bigsir, 1-28Wow. It is beautiful out here. I camped last night, and found internet this morning after all, in spite of the fact that this town consists of about three buildings. I don’t intend to travel super far today. I am just going to set my cart up here for a while, maybe I can talk my waiter into recording something… About yesterday. I started down Highway 68, and got freaked out by all the cars. I just sat down, and didn’t know which direction to go in. No plans to die right now, and i’m not going to bike where my chances look so grim. A wonderful girl named Elizabeth, who had a truck stopped and picked me up, she drove me to the beginning of highway 1 which set me off to a good start for the trip. I biked to Big sir to camp, and recorded a few road trippers, honeymooners, and others along the way, but the day was mostly a biking one. No long stops. I will be in Big Sir for a few days, I think. Here are the recordings from a few days here… they are some of my favorites, lots of variety, and positive- bigsir, 1-28



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3 responses to “Big Sir

  1. Garth H

    Hi, Maria! I was one of the two guys who’d stopped (in the white van) just before Molera in Big Sur. Wanted to verify that we’d “Checked You Out” and to wish you all the luck on your continued Adventure. Cheers! Garth

  2. Hi Maria,

    We are the honeymooners you met alongside Hwy 1. You were changing your flat tire and you were stoked that you just had bought a repair kit. We had a fantastic trip and kept thinking about you riding your bike all alone and all the twisty turns that was ahead. Your website is awesome. Where are you about now? Good Luck and may God bless you. Be safe and keep your eyes open on the weirdos out there.

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