From Aptos to Watsonville, to a sweet cottage in the woods.

I left Aptos this morning, armed with some delicious home made muffens, and planning to stay with friends south of Watsonville. I met a group of boys who live an work around Watsonville, who recorded great pieces, then headed in to the city. I was looking for help at an electronics shop, because I have a solar panel that I haven’t quite gotten to work yet. The guys who helped me pointed me off in the right direction, and recorded some pieces.


I set up and recorded in Watsonville at a gazebo in a park, but I had a difficult time because of the spanish-english language barrier. I have a hard time explaining the project to spanish speaking people when I don’t speak spanish. Next skill that I need! But in the meantime, it was a fun thing for kids to climb around on, and make noises into, whether they told stories or not. I met my friend Britney there, and we rode the last 8 miles back to her cabin in the forest together. We are making pizza, and hanging out in the cabin this evening. I am grateful to be away from the city. It feels like home, on San Juan Island.


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  1. BRETT

    Hi – Pizza is the ultimate cyclist food, so how good to share it with a friend in a nice cabin! Maria, I am in Dallas TX visiting my cousin Rod over the weekend. Yesterday we listened to your Telegraph Ave audios – some from Peoples Park, some from other intersections of people’s lives. I think some of them dated back to Sept. I was taken by how articulate they pretty much all were, given the spontaneous nature of the situation. And there were/are some common threads: Treat others as you would like to be treated; I want to find a job and prove myself worthy in the world. Etc, etc. (The Hate – Haight? – guy was unique however….)

    Now catching up on the audio offerings from the cycling trip. Funny about the church overnight: Almost an exact duplicate experience that my friend Ann and I had in rural NC about 30 years ago while cycling/camping along the Mountains to the Sea backroads route. We had already pedalled about 400 miles of it, from west to east (heading towards the Outer Banks on the Atlantic), and bad weather and darkness were bearing down on us when a Baptist Church loomed ahead. We ended up being allowed to stay overnight in the Sunday School room and they fed us, etc. They didn’t try to convert us either, thankfully, or it would have spoiled the experience instead of it being a win-win for everyone – including we two atheists!

    Liza and i reunite in Phoenix tomorrow afternoon (Monday) and will explore the backroads and hotsprings of AZ for most of Feb, probably w/o going to Baja. It is going to be a great wildflower season come mid-Feb in the AZ/CA desert after these January rains and we want to see some of it -plus Baja or Mainland Mexico is just more driving than necessary, given the amount we like to hike and read each day versus driving time!

    If you get to LA area by mid-Feb, or hop on a bus from CA to Vegas or Phoenix or San Diego, perhaps we three can reunite for a few days and see some of the desert blooming together, so keep that in mind as a possible plan if it works into yours! Bonne chance and keep doing it…. Brett

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