Storms and tornados over Santa Cruz, and digging in to the community.

The Farmers market, Santa Cruz, 1-20

So, I managed to depart on this journey right as the largest storm for a few years hit the west coast. But I happened to land in a warm, loving, kind, rad community. I have set my booth up in three places over the last couple of days, the trailer park, on campus, (which is like never never land,) The farmers market, and downtown on Pacific Avenue.

Downtown Santa Cruz, 1-20

Just to switch it up, I didn’t ask people to tell me something that inspires them, but to tell me a story. They still listened to the last person, and then recorded for the next person. The result was that less people recorded, but those who did told longer stories. You can listen to them here.

Santa Cruz 1-20

And, I ran into my friend Britteney, who lives about 30 miles south of here, and works at a woman’s shelter 30 miles south of that. She invited me to come stay with her, and then bike down to her work to offer my cart to the woman’s shelter to collect stories. I dont know if they will want to record, but it sounds like a good next step anyways.

Farmers Market, Santa Cruz, 1-20

Meanwhile, there are tornado warnings, (In California?!?!), and I will remain here until the weekend. I might switch houses. Turns out I know like half of Santa Cruz, because it is like Berkeley’s satallite, or something.

But all is going well, I am learning with each experience. Next things that I am looking for are some camping chairs that I can travel with, inside of my cart. I would like to set chairs up on either side of the faces, to make the interaction more inviting.



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3 responses to “Storms and tornados over Santa Cruz, and digging in to the community.

  1. redmcnab

    Maria, I just discovered your blog and your project. Let me just say that you are absolutely amazing! I love all of the stories you’ve recorded, the whole project is perfect. I’m inspired by YOU! I hope we see each other again sometime in the near(ish) future!

    • Maria

      Sweet girl, If you want to come camping, come down and visit!

      • redmcnab

        Oh I would love love love to, but I’m still in Europe, exploring the continent. Maybe I will find you when I return. Not sure where your route is headed, but if you at some point need any contacts on the East Coast I can maybe help you! xo

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