Half moon bay to Pie Ranch, Pie Ranch to Santa Cruz

Some little guys listening to their own recordings in Half Moon Bay

I spent the morning of the 16th recording at a community center in Half Moon Bay. One of the parents of the kids didn’t want me to put them up online, so I wont. But I took a picture of the boys who recorded, and they had a good time. I left town around noon. It was one of the biggest biking days that I have had yet. I was stopped on my way down by a group of silly art students on a one day road trip, who gave me some oranges, and recorded the following piece.

1-16, Road Trippers on Highway 1

Just as it got dark, I rolled into a farm that I have spent a little time on called Pie Ranch. The third Saturday of the month is a barn dance there, and I spent an evening line dancing in a beautiful old barn with a large group of joyful people. It was a perfect way to end a day. I also was unable to set my cart up there, because the battery for my amplifier was dead! (When I bought new batteries yesterday, I bought extra!)

Boogying down the road in style with Nina Simone and Peter Tosh

After setting my hammock up in the rafters of another old barn, I woke up to the rain and decided to move on to Santa Cruz. There are some little glitches that I need to work out with the software of my cart, and fixing them is one of my goals while I am here. I landed in Santa Cruz as wet as a dog at about one a clock, and am staying now in a sister co-op to Lothlorian, where I live in Berkeley. It is called Cesar Chavez, and is welcoming, warm and has a lovely couch.

Last evening I joined one of the residents of the house in their class section on Marxim. I met some kind and fun people, and recorded some fun stories from them.

Listen to them here- 1/17 Students in Santa Cruz



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2 responses to “Half moon bay to Pie Ranch, Pie Ranch to Santa Cruz

  1. I love what you’re doing Maria. You’re an inspiration. Loving the blog, keep it up. You’re awesome.

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