Getting to San Francisco, and then to Half Moon Bay

1-15 Ocean Beach to half moon bay

So The adventure has begun! Wow. There are some  kinks that I need to work out with my bike cart, but I am having a blast, and

A fuzzy picture of a great guy named Rico that helped me get my cart onto bart and into the city

have already collected several beautiful stories. I am in half moon bay right now. Yesterday, I got this far, and stayed in a great campground on the water.

But lets start at the beginning. The day before yesterday, I didn’t even collect stories, but let me tell you, there are a lot of kind people out there. I was helped with the strange task of getting a bike cart onto public transportation, up stares, and through san francisco and in storage in my brother’s neighbors garage by so many people, it was incredible.  I should change this projects name to “the kindness of strangers.” First there was Rico, who rode the elevator with me, and held the door open while I tried to get my cart in. And then there was another random angel, who carried it up the bart stairs, once I got to SF. And the people at “Mandell’s,” the art store on Haight street, that gave me discounted paint, to repair the damage on my cart. And then, My brother Finn’s neighbor, who we had never met, let me keep the cart in her garage. So, thank you to all of you who helped me!

But now, here I am at a free breakfast in half moon bay. I am setting my cart up here, because people who come to community centers for free breakfasts, both the volunteers and the people eating, usually have good stories. By tonight, I plan to get to pescadero, on highway 1. I am planning to get to a farm that I know called Pie Ranch, where a barn dance that happens once a month will be going on.

Somewhere on a lovely bikepath between SF and Half Moon Bay



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2 responses to “Getting to San Francisco, and then to Half Moon Bay

  1. baba

    Hi Maria, Love having pictures of your rig. Did not know your trailer is so big and beautiful It must attract a lot of positive attention. I’d be eager to talk into it..and of course listen to others.

    Your carefully packed bike with everything you want/need right there looks so good.
    Thanks for setting up a blog so we can all enjoy your trip. Aloha! baba

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