Getting Ready for a Journey

I am getting organized so that I can leave on a story collection expedition in early February. I am bringing my bike cart, audio recording equipment, solar panel, computer, and hammock on a journey across the US to collect stories and wisdom from the people that I meet. My itinerary is unmapped, but I will begin by heading south.

Current projects include- Asking for funding and sponsorship from different arts organizations,  getting my cart road worthy, and preparing the audio tracks that I have so far to go on to the web and a radio station possibly. I will be leaving from Berkley going south, with an expected first stop in half-moon bay.



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5 responses to “Getting Ready for a Journey

  1. BRETT

    Go Maria! You are awesome and good luck with the journeys, both the inward one and the outward! Brett from Parker AZ (just west of the Colorado River about 150 miles west of Phoenix).

    • tim

      Hi Maria ~

      We never met, but my very close friend Nat mentioned you to me while we were at Lothlorien COoperative in Berkeley. I was so impressed and amazed at the sound of your journey.

      I am in Santa Cruz as well right now. Nat and I used to live at Cesar Chavez. Wishing you well and blessings on your journey!


      • Maria

        Thanks! I am going to set up my cart at the farmers market tomorrow, if you want to come buy and meet!

  2. Kirsten Jones Neff

    Go Maria Go!!! We’ll be checking in on you and wishing you well. As I always say before any of my family heads off on an adventure, be safe, do good, and Have Fun!

    • Maria

      Thanks guys! I have been thinking about sam and what he does, actually, because english as a second language people have some of the most interesting lives of amyone!

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